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Monday, January 4, 2010

Misc. thoughts; British Virgin Islands Vacation

Editors Note:I am sorry my past blog had different font and sizes…I cannot figure out why, but I will press on and learn as I go…I also have 2 accts 1. When I started my blog one email address and 2. When I opened a gmail acct and have a different email address…I cannot figure out how to combine the 2 and it’s very confusing to me so sorry if I follow you in 2 places…I am not a stalker..hee hee!

Well Happy New Year! Time to turn over a new leaf…a fresh start…a new goal...

Feels good to have Christmas put away except for outside lights and reindeer and some linens and dishware…my hubby was a big help yesterday.

I was sick, head cold, aches, most of Dec…finally got drugs…now poor hubby is sick…saw dr today…amazing how we just plug along even when we are sick…I went to nutcracker in FL, did all the shopping, wrapping, cooking,…feeling lots better! Many people I see are sick…get well soon y’all!

My sister and brother and their families were sailing in the British Virgin Islands for a week over Christmas…all sounds lovely except for the lightning storm and one rocky night…Sounds like a great opportunity for bonding.

My sweet nieces!

2 nieces are in college- one 2nd yr Medical School- she is a water polo player!(on right) the other is studying Hospitality Management at U of South Carolina (on left), a real southern belle, cellist & synchronized swimmer, both are lifeguards and instructors. My other niece is a Soph in HS- great tennis player and sailor in her own right! (In middle)

Glad they are home safe and sound. The Canadian relatives are flying home today...smooth sailing!

Coming soon…Nutcracker Birthday Party…


  1. Looks like so much fun! Happy New Year. xoxo


  2. Hi Beth! Yes, they were rather adventurous!The 7 of them. My brother did the sailing. Glad there were no pirates or robbers! Leave it to me to think of danger! At least they had a future MD on board who is also fluent in Spanish! Hope all is well!