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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Princess Party for a 3 year old!

My son and daughter in law had a Princess Party for their 3 year old daughter. We even had an appearance by a Princess who treated the girls to some play makeup and jewelry. It was magical! It was also a pool party. A bubble machine made it a lot of fun too!

When the Princess came the girls all got on their gowns! They loved Princess Sherrie. She took time to greet each guest, put on make up & jewelry and had crafts and tattoos.

We enjoyed fresh fruit salad, pizza, Chick fila chicken nuggets, chips, juice boxes, cup cakes and ice cream cups. Everyone had a fabulous time!

Gigi chilling out in the pool!

Cake Ice Cream Balloons Presents- You've guessed it!


June is a big month for Birthdays in my family. My son, my husband, my grand son and my grand daughter. We had fun celebrating all of them. Here are some of the highlights-
a Lego Party for a 5 year old! They played a lot of games including pin the tail, relays & a Lego Hunt. (just like an egg hunt).
My daughter and her husband made a delicious dinner starting with grilled homemade flat bread with tomato and basil and grilled chicken with Italian salsa!

Tomorrow's blog -The Princess Party for a 3 year old! Do you have any fun party ideas? Maybe leave a comment about a fun party you have been to? I love all your ideas! Jennifer aka Gigi

Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Grace Summered in Ocean City, NJ

The picture above is in front of her parent's house @ 26th & Wesley in Ocean City, NJ.

Such Grace!

Grace Kelly was such a natural beauty and was filled with charm and grace. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA and her family summered in Ocean City, NJ. Her parent’s house still remains, but the house on the beach at 26th where the rest of the family stayed has been torn down.

I cannot believe Princess Grace has been gone since 1982.

Grace’s brother Jack was very athletic, competed in crew,was an Olympic rowing champion and an Ocean City lifeguard. She had an older sister Peggy and a younger sister Lizanne. Lizanne died in 2008. She used to be driven down from PA to have her hair done by my hairdresser Tina Cornman. Tina's father took Grace to the Lifeguard Ball.

My husband’s cousin worked at the beauty shop that Grace would go to when in Ocean City, NJ. He recalled she came in with her head in a turban wrap. My husband remembers working in their home in the early 80s.

Grace married Prince Rainier of Monaco and a Dowry of $2 million was paid by Grace's father, Jack , to cover the wedding. They had 3 children- Caroline, Stephanie and Albert.

As a teenager Grace worked at the Chatterbox and they enjoyed swimming at the Flander’s Pool in Ocean City . According to Lizanne -The popular beaches were 2nd St and 14th St and when they built the house at 26th street it was in the “boondocks” and no one lived on their block at the time.

We are so fortunate that Princess Grace lives on through her great films, her photographs and her children. Prince Albert will be marrying Charlene Wittstock on Fri. July 1, 2011 and a religious ceremony on Saturday, July 2, 2011. I wish them all the best!

Prince Albert with sister Stephanie right and Charlene Wittstock left. 2009-07-30 16:00:00 - Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

Some of the history I learned @


Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to Summer and Strawberries

I hope you have been enjoying life with summer upon us...the days are longer...the kids are home from school...swimming lessons...VBS...BBQs...strawberries...walks on the beach...watching the sun set...camping...Last week was busy with our daughter and her kids here. We had a fun week, ending with a 5 year old Lego Birthday Party. This weekend we will be hosting a Princess Party for our 3 year old grand daughter.

We are in the busy time for our business. I long for time to travel and vacation, but I know now is the time to make our money while the work is here. We are hoping to take some short weekend getaways...and I always have something fun cooked up. My husband's birthday is next weekend too...but w all the grand kids activities...I haven't gotten that far yet...Hope we can go out to dinner at least...My husband has gotten back into surfing. He has lost at least 15 lbs so it is easier to get on his board. Maybe there will be waves and we can have a beach day & picnic? hmm?

I hope you can plan some fun activities with your children and husbands to make the most of your time together. Wishing you a summer filled with peaceful days and star lit nights. Godliness with contentment is great gain...I have learned in whatever state I find myself, to be content!

Always, Jennifer aka Gigi

Enjoy these lovely desserts...from Pinterest...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Air Force has one of the finest!

Our nephew Alex Milhous just graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alex is my sister Jessica's son. He came to visit us all since we couldn't make it to his graduation. He is a Second Lieutenant. It was a pleasure to hear all about his travels. The future is bright with young people like Alex protecting our country.
Thank you Alex for your service and may God lead you and protect you!

My niece Carling with Alex. Carling will be a senior in High School next year.
We had dinner at the new restaurant Baia in Somers Point right on the water.
Great food.

my family

An amazing strawberry shortcake from the Cake Lady.

Alex with my Mom and Dad

Alex with my Mom.

Dinner with Alex, Aaron, Amanda and us at Chef Vola, Atlantic City.
We had an incredible meal sitting on the porch. It was a perfect evening.
I'll tell you about Chef Vola later...the place doesn't advertise or have its number in the phone book and it is hard to get a table, especially on the weekend.
The food is incredible. Delicious Italian food and the best Ricotta Cheesecake with strawberries ever! I would go just for the cheesecake!
Sunset on a perfect week!
Please say a prayer for Alex and this next chapter in his life! Godspeed!