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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Air Force has one of the finest!

Our nephew Alex Milhous just graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alex is my sister Jessica's son. He came to visit us all since we couldn't make it to his graduation. He is a Second Lieutenant. It was a pleasure to hear all about his travels. The future is bright with young people like Alex protecting our country.
Thank you Alex for your service and may God lead you and protect you!

My niece Carling with Alex. Carling will be a senior in High School next year.
We had dinner at the new restaurant Baia in Somers Point right on the water.
Great food.

my family

An amazing strawberry shortcake from the Cake Lady.

Alex with my Mom and Dad

Alex with my Mom.

Dinner with Alex, Aaron, Amanda and us at Chef Vola, Atlantic City.
We had an incredible meal sitting on the porch. It was a perfect evening.
I'll tell you about Chef Vola later...the place doesn't advertise or have its number in the phone book and it is hard to get a table, especially on the weekend.
The food is incredible. Delicious Italian food and the best Ricotta Cheesecake with strawberries ever! I would go just for the cheesecake!
Sunset on a perfect week!
Please say a prayer for Alex and this next chapter in his life! Godspeed!


  1. What a wondeful family celebration! What a good looking family! Alex looks like a wonderful young man that is serving our country! Thank him for us all!! You red dress looks amazing and your mother does too! Great photos!! (yummy looking cake -perfect for a special occasion!)

  2. What lovely sentiments Donna! i can't tell you what he'll be doing or they'll have to 'kill me.' Just kidding!