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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Orchard Party

Apple Orchard Party

Well last weekend it was a perfect day for a Birthday Party at the orchard. My daughter Amy had everything planned very well. (Amy is a college English prof & sahm. She homeschools her 4 & almost 6 yr old.) We all met at 9:30 am at Linvilla Orchards in Media PA. Our son and his wife and daughter came too! For starters we had apple muffins (not real sweet), sausage crescents, coffee, apple cider and apple juice.

That weekend they were having an Apple Festival! How perfect! Linvilla is a great place for a party, with picnic tables, playground, pony rides,

apple picking, pumpkins galore... (you can pay extra for them to throw the party) On this day they also had face painting & entertainment from Dora and a juggler. There is also a great farmer’s market and plants for sale.


The kids played “Pin the apple on the tree”

and we had a great lunch of grilled chicken with bacon, cheddar and apples & cute apple cupcakes...

Amy also made the apple shirts using an apple as the stencil!The weather was sunny and in the 80s! (for late Sept)

When Clara heard Dora singing she ran out of the playground all alone and made a dash for the stage. It was the funniest thing…her Dad running behind her. “Back pack. Back pack” It was just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin!

We picked apples. We tried a new kind Macoun…they are almost reddish purple..they are delicious! Have you heard of them?

Then we went back to their house and for a great dinner of Salad, Baked Ziti, Italian bread w garlic butter, Apple Cookies, Candy Apples (I had so much fun making them) &Cider.

Clara had so much fun opening her gifts. She loved all her gifts. Her Canadian grandparents sent her a Book where they recorded their voices reading the book to her."Thankyou God For Everything." It was soo precious. (Hallmark about $30.00)

She was so happy with her American Girl Biddy Baby Doll!

Well I pray for Clara that God will bless her and watch over her. She looks a lot like I did at that age. Blue eyes, blonde hair. I wonder what the world will be like when she is a grandmom? What will she remember about her Gigi?

Lord help me! Jennifer aka Gigi

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fall!

The road less traveled! We are heading to an apple orchard...
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Jennifer aka Gigi


Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkin Roll!


A nice fire!


New dress-White House Black Market

I was the flower girl in my Aunt & Uncle's Wedding.
They just celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Fall clothes!

Turtle necks!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My week - NYC, American Girl Doll Tea, Fashion Week, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh

My week - NYC, American Girl Doll Tea, Fashion Week, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh

1. NYC- Going away is so much fun.We were in NYC this weekend at the American Girl Doll Store for Tea with Gracie...I love seeing the girls dress their dolls and play with their accessories. The books are also a way to have young girls enjoy reading. My grand daughter is a great reader at 5 1/2.I was able to get some Christmas presents! also we saw Time Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Empire State Building. What beautiful views! Worth the $20. Her favorite thing was the taxi ride! ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT 2010 Jennifer Palermo except Rush Limbaugh

Grace with her doll Felicity

Amy & Grace in Times Square

View from Empire State Building of Statue of Liberty

St. Patrick's Cathedral

At the Empire State Building

At the tea

so much fun shopping!

Mother and daughter

Gigi and Pop Pop with Grace

Tea for Felicity


2. Fashion Week - now I'm getting caught up on reading all my blogs...and unpacking...loading photos...decorating for fall..touching base w my girlfriend Pearl after fashion week..Here is Pearl's website. Check out her interviews from Fashion Week and pics @ Pearl Running Deer, (She is part American Indian) is a runway model who is from Atlantic City. Pearl used to come on my radio show "Jennifer Juniper" at Richard Stockton College and we would dish about fashion and what was going on in the news, trends, diet tips, travel. I hope to get together with Pearl soon and hear all about her travels.

Jennifer and Pearl at the Miss America Breakfast

Pearl on the radio WLFR Stockton College

Only pic of me at the radio station

We are having chilly mornings at the Jersey Shore...then it is up near 80...crazy...heat and air on the same day!too hot for cords and a turtle neck now...

3. Rush Limbaugh- Going to see Rush Limbaugh tomorrow night in Philly! It should be fun and my hubby is going. Wearing a new dress from White House Black Market!

4. In NY I saw where Glenn Beck has his radio show near Radio City Music Hall...working for him would be a dream job...2 hr drive...grrr. : (

When I met Glenn this summer!

5. My grand daughter Clara will be turning 2 next week. Her party will be a picnic at an Apple Orchard!She is sooo cute..she calls it her "Bapple Party"!

Clara last year!