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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fall!

The road less traveled! We are heading to an apple orchard...
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Jennifer aka Gigi


Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkin Roll!


A nice fire!


New dress-White House Black Market

I was the flower girl in my Aunt & Uncle's Wedding.
They just celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Fall clothes!

Turtle necks!


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    You have that much color on the trees already? It is still very summery here on Long Island, NO color at all!
    We did the apple orchard here in the Hamptons with the gkids last Sunday. That's what my post is!
    Have a great week!

  2. You've posted photos of all of the good things about fall. It is raining and much cooler here and it finally feels like fall. We've already had to rake leaves twice. That's one of my least favorite things about fall - the mess!

  3. Jennifer,
    Everything looks storybook charming as always when I visit you. I love all the pictures and the gorgeous turtle neck would be perfect on this chilly damp day. I hope you enjoyed apple picking with your wonderful family. The picture at the top is incredible. where is it, I think I would pass out from fear if I had to drive down it. Its gorgeous but I such a fear of heights.
    Have a lovely evening to the sweetest Jersey Girl ( Oh how I love living in NJ, it is so pretty)

  4. Thanks Ladies...I soo love to hear from you! Apple orchard in the Hamptons sounds lovely!Not very many colored leaves yet...yes Paula..raining here too...we have tons of leaves..the least fav part of fall!!Bunny, Isnt it amazing how beautiful NJ is & most people think of the NJ turnpike & Newark!! We are so much more than that!!Dont know the location of the the other Sweetest Jersey Girl Bunny! Jennifer aka Gigi