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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My week - NYC, American Girl Doll Tea, Fashion Week, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh

My week - NYC, American Girl Doll Tea, Fashion Week, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh

1. NYC- Going away is so much fun.We were in NYC this weekend at the American Girl Doll Store for Tea with Gracie...I love seeing the girls dress their dolls and play with their accessories. The books are also a way to have young girls enjoy reading. My grand daughter is a great reader at 5 1/2.I was able to get some Christmas presents! also we saw Time Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Empire State Building. What beautiful views! Worth the $20. Her favorite thing was the taxi ride! ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT 2010 Jennifer Palermo except Rush Limbaugh

Grace with her doll Felicity

Amy & Grace in Times Square

View from Empire State Building of Statue of Liberty

St. Patrick's Cathedral

At the Empire State Building

At the tea

so much fun shopping!

Mother and daughter

Gigi and Pop Pop with Grace

Tea for Felicity


2. Fashion Week - now I'm getting caught up on reading all my blogs...and unpacking...loading photos...decorating for fall..touching base w my girlfriend Pearl after fashion week..Here is Pearl's website. Check out her interviews from Fashion Week and pics @ Pearl Running Deer, (She is part American Indian) is a runway model who is from Atlantic City. Pearl used to come on my radio show "Jennifer Juniper" at Richard Stockton College and we would dish about fashion and what was going on in the news, trends, diet tips, travel. I hope to get together with Pearl soon and hear all about her travels.

Jennifer and Pearl at the Miss America Breakfast

Pearl on the radio WLFR Stockton College

Only pic of me at the radio station

We are having chilly mornings at the Jersey Shore...then it is up near 80...crazy...heat and air on the same day!too hot for cords and a turtle neck now...

3. Rush Limbaugh- Going to see Rush Limbaugh tomorrow night in Philly! It should be fun and my hubby is going. Wearing a new dress from White House Black Market!

4. In NY I saw where Glenn Beck has his radio show near Radio City Music Hall...working for him would be a dream job...2 hr drive...grrr. : (

When I met Glenn this summer!

5. My grand daughter Clara will be turning 2 next week. Her party will be a picnic at an Apple Orchard!She is sooo cute..she calls it her "Bapple Party"!

Clara last year!


  1. Also had iced Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks! yum!

  2. Everything looks so wonderful. Such a nice family. I live with all boys so I love seeing all the fun things you get to do with little girls ( one day I hope to have lots of granddaughters to spoil :)).
    Love the view from the Empire State Building. Pearls sounds so interesting and talented
    thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Jen! Happy Birthday to Clara! Your family is beautiful and your trip to NYC looks like so much fun! Love the view from the Empire State Building. My youngest is named Pearl :)
    Thats a good lookin' picture of you and Glenn!

  4. Your grand daughters are adorable...I love the smocked top dress that Grace is wearing at the tea...mothers don't dress their daughters in cute dresses like that's nice to see...and I'm lovin the picture of you with Glen Beck...we love Glen...on now to see your MV photo's....

  5. thanks for your comments Sea Shell Ave!...NYC is so fun! Well Sue you'll just have to buy a dress for Miss B and take her to tea when she gets bigger...that's what grandmom's are for...grand daughters are fun to love and spoil! Grace loves I give them gum! and let them watch TV...Yikes...bad grandma! : )

  6. Your tea at AG NYC looks like so much fun. I have GOT to get there with my girls sometime soon.