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Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Grace Summered in Ocean City, NJ

The picture above is in front of her parent's house @ 26th & Wesley in Ocean City, NJ.

Such Grace!

Grace Kelly was such a natural beauty and was filled with charm and grace. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA and her family summered in Ocean City, NJ. Her parent’s house still remains, but the house on the beach at 26th where the rest of the family stayed has been torn down.

I cannot believe Princess Grace has been gone since 1982.

Grace’s brother Jack was very athletic, competed in crew,was an Olympic rowing champion and an Ocean City lifeguard. She had an older sister Peggy and a younger sister Lizanne. Lizanne died in 2008. She used to be driven down from PA to have her hair done by my hairdresser Tina Cornman. Tina's father took Grace to the Lifeguard Ball.

My husband’s cousin worked at the beauty shop that Grace would go to when in Ocean City, NJ. He recalled she came in with her head in a turban wrap. My husband remembers working in their home in the early 80s.

Grace married Prince Rainier of Monaco and a Dowry of $2 million was paid by Grace's father, Jack , to cover the wedding. They had 3 children- Caroline, Stephanie and Albert.

As a teenager Grace worked at the Chatterbox and they enjoyed swimming at the Flander’s Pool in Ocean City . According to Lizanne -The popular beaches were 2nd St and 14th St and when they built the house at 26th street it was in the “boondocks” and no one lived on their block at the time.

We are so fortunate that Princess Grace lives on through her great films, her photographs and her children. Prince Albert will be marrying Charlene Wittstock on Fri. July 1, 2011 and a religious ceremony on Saturday, July 2, 2011. I wish them all the best!

Prince Albert with sister Stephanie right and Charlene Wittstock left. 2009-07-30 16:00:00 - Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

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