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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stop and smell the roses...

and the Peonies


The flowers are in bloom and we've had some nice weather in the North East. It was a little cooler this weekend which made it nice for some of the chores we had to do.

It is so amazing how quickly the perennials come and then go...I wanted to share with you some from my garden this year. Sit back for a minute and enjoy...

Jennifer aka Gigi

The irises are all done blooming. Time goes by so fast!

This is my first time to grow Lupines. (Above)
We still have a few more flower beds to weed and we need to have some of the trees trimmed.
I always say there are 1,000 things to do in the yard and you complete them one at a time.
I really love to garden and don't consider it gives me a lot of pleasure and it's nice when my husband can help. We got a new shed this year and it had to be painted and now we are putting garden covering and stones around it to keep down on the maintenance.

Our grandkids got us a gnome this year. It is fun to hide it and have them find it in the garden!

The knock-out roses were beautiful in the area this year. below-
This one was a gift from my son and his wife for keeping all their plants when they moved from their old house. The new owners said they could take all the plants with them since they wanted a maintenance free yard!
I know they must have had over $1,000. in plants.

The Vegetable Garden-tomatoes, lettuce, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and herbs.

My son and dil got me this beautiful herb container. It's an anitque pot.
I cherish it!

The clematis has just started blooming. It will be in bloom for about a month!
I hope you surround yourself with flowers whenever you can. And don't forget to take time to stop and smell the roses. Life is so short. Handle with prayer!
All photos by Jennifer Palermo
Copyright 2011

Emily Dickinson Poem
Flowers—Well—if anybody
Can the ecstasy define—
Half a transport—half a trouble—
With which flowers humble men:
Anybody find the fountain
From which floods so contra flow—
I will give him all the Daisies
Which upon the hillside blow.

Too much pathos in their faces
For a simple breast like mine—
Butterflies from St. Domingo
Cruising round the purple line—
Have a system of aesthetics—
Far superior to mine


  1. I ALWAYS stop and smell the roses... and the peonies... lilacs.... foxgloves.....!!!

  2. You are an inspiration!Thinking of you...Summer is coming to New England!!