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Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s Almost the Weekend...Enjoy!

When in Rome

Up in the Air

The Young Victoria

Sherlock Holmes


Amelia Earhart

It’s Almost the Weekend...Enjoy!

Hope you have some fun planned. Maybe get a massage, or have a sleep over for the kids, or go out for dinner and a movie? There are so many good movies out now before Academy Awards. I used to make it a point to view all the ones up for best picture, rate them and write a review before the big night but not this year…

Another idea: Maybe have a few friends over to watch the Miss America Competition. A lot of fun! My friend throws a party every year! 8 pm EST TLC

Above are the preliminary winners. Who do you like? Who do you think will win? Watch and have fun picking the winner. These ladies are not only beautiful and fit, they are super intelligent and articulate and talented. That's what makes it so different than say the Miss USA contest which does not include talent and interview.

Has Miss America gotten any coverage in your area? I am sad there is not much in this area. My take is Hollywood did not want to sponsor intelligent, smart and for the most part conservative it was dropped from a major network. Maybe Rush Limbaugh as a judge will help getting his audience to watch?With so many Cable choices they didn't get the ratings they used to...

Or maybe pack an ez dinner & a bottle of wine and go to a romantic setting for an in the car picnic…Many years ago in the winter, I got some KFC , a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses and we drove down to Cape May and ate dinner down by the beach. In the car, of course!

Sunday night-Grammy's!

What are some cheap Date Night ideas you have?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I will definitely be watching tonight! My girls and I watch with tiaras on our heads!!!

  2. so lovely to hear from you...glad you watch!