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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fixer Upper

We are so excited our son and his wife have finally moved into their new home after a 3 1/2 month rehab. Here are the before and after pictures. They bought a house that was For Sale By Owner. They got it at a good price but had to do a lot of work. Something only for the young!

Before picture of the house after many trees were taken down close to the house.

After the new roof and siding- winter's coming...

A peaceful picture in the snow. New siding and roof done, now time for the inside!

Because of leaks and mold issues, the dry wall and floors of the whole house had to be gutted and the house was treated for mold. Before they started, the trash in the house and carpets had to be removed as well. All their friend's that helped them are saints!

The kitchen before the remodel. Looking into the family room.
The same view after the brick was taken away and redone.

View from dining room into kitchen after the wall was taken out.

Looking into the kitchen from the opened up dining room.

Getting closer. Same view as above.
Gigi in the kitchen.

Tah Dah in the dining room!

The baby's room.

The Master Bedroom.

The before looking into the bathroom.

The bathroom done. 2 more to go!

The before of the family room before floors and walls.

We're getting excited
Beautiful hard wood floors.

The house sits on a double lot that backs up to one of the newest streets in the township.

Come visit! Thanks for all the hard work that everyone did for us!
Here is a list of the people who helped get us into our house! Thanks to everyone!

Charles Tiggit - Demolition
The Tree Man - Tree Removal
Property Restoration Services- Mold Treatment
Mike Lorenzo, Jimmy, Sean, Chip, George & crew - Superior Siding
Old School Hardware Flooring - James Hyde, Casey & Brian
Matt Wristbridge - Oil Tank Removal
Huffman Flooring - Carpet - John & Jason Huffman
Greg Ciliberto - Painter
Edwin Nusbaum - Tile
Weinstein Supply, Shoemaker Lumber & Stonecrafters
Friends - Paul & Kevan Brietinger, Paul Aspenberg, TJ Warren, Jerry Mancuso, Michelle Williams, Lisa Davis, Tina & Eric Witherow, Rob Gabriel, Ernie Mapes, Pete Davis, Monica, Casey & Brady, Branden Astin, Dave Santos, Matt Jacobs, Mom & Dad Gerry & Jennifer , Mom Susan Mitchell, Joel Mott, Jim Mott & Jeff Mott and everyone’s prayers!


  1. Can't wait to visit. It looks amazing. Now to make it a home!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the house moving story -what soap can do! And you're a friend of Gidget -I love that picture with her and the board, so inspiring.

    This is a neat cottage. Ours was a complete redo as well (we're not so young, ha!), and I lived in the house while new plumbing and bathroom was installed -big mistake!

    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for posting mom. So nice to be done.

  4. Maya, PS...Gidget is 68...shhhh!