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Monday, December 28, 2009

A White Christmas at the Jersey Shore

A White Christmas at the Jersey Shore

We were blessed to be with our family to celebrate Christmas. We enjoyed at Candlelight Service where our son goes to church. He played guitar to some Christmas carols. I hope you enjoy our pics.

Unto us a child is born.

The road less traveled on the way to church.

A view of the Atlantic City skyline.

Not a creature was stirring...

Sand dollars

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Seashore mantle

The angels and cows at the Nativity

The kings and bears!

Time to light the candle!

A cupcake with mini ornament

Pop Pop loves his grandkids!

Gigi under the umbrella w C!

Madam Alexander baby!


Another story!

Look at all that snow!

A new baby doll!

The Dads help out. New matching sweaters from Gymboree!

Dessert time!

My daughter in law's Birthday is Christmas Day!
Make a wish!

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