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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer's Comin'!

Our Easter Weekend!

Summer is here early!! It was 88 today at the Jersey Shore!(Don't forget your sunscreen)

I hope you had a beautiful weekend & a lovely Easter. The garden is growing...the perennials are popping thru the soil-the peonies, irises, hollyhocks, lily of the valley, phlox . It will be a while til they bloom, but it is a sign that summer is coming!

Above are some pics from the weekend with my dear family.

I tried 2 new recipes this Easter from this neat blog-they were delicious!

Here is the link to the Easter Egg Wreath Bread recipe. It took us 3 1/2 hrs to make, including the rising of the dough & baking.

Here is the Ricotta Pie recipe! It was really good!

Above are some hand blown Easter Eggs I made too! They last for years!

I enjoyed reading all your blogs about your Easter sentiments & family traditions.

Remember "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!" Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. your family is just beautiful!
    so glad you enjoyed everything with them.
    that bread looks amazing.
    may have to try that. and your grandmother's cakestand & server is just beautiful!

    have a beautiful week, gigi!

  2. Hi Kellie, so nice of you to visit! You Easter looked fabulous! You are a great Mom!Hope your little ones are feeling better. Our Gracie has been sick w broncitis...Shrimp & grits look fabulous & I love strawberry cake too! My daughter in law helped w dye the eggs this yr, we had a fun time!Creating memories is such a great way to pass on family traditions.

    that's great you got a family picture. Hard to do unless you have an extra person to take the pic. Our daughter lived in Wisc for 10 yrs, so we are thrilled to have them closer.

    some day you will have to let your children "go" out into the world...Giving them a Christian foundation is the best thing you can do. Enjoy this wonderful weather!

  3. Great Easter pics! Don't you love little girls' dresses this time of year? So pretty! And so thankful for the gorgeous weather that weekend. I'll have to try your recipes!

  4. Your grandchildren are adorable...I loved the little smocked dress on the little lady....My daughter will not dress her daughter in dresses like that...I think they are wonderful for little girls....she thinks they are outdated....She's too NYC chic for me to understand...

  5. What gorgeous pictures! Looks like y'all had a wonderful Easter celebration.

  6. hope you all did too! Sue, we both know, daughters have a mind of their own!Thanks for stopping by.

  7. What a beautiful family you have! I am DEFINITELY going to try that Ricotta Pie! If it is cheese, I LOVE it! The easter wreath breads are so neat! I bet the kids loved them!

  8. That easter wreath is AMAZING!

  9. Your family is beautiful. I am so glad my recipes worked well for you. You did a beautiful job, the pictures are wonderful. When I lived in New York, I spent my summers at the Jersey shore. Many, many years ago and many happy memories.

  10. Check out the above sites...lovely ladies!!

    Kat, You are such an inspiration as an Italian cook, I love your recipes!! I have always wanted to make a braided egg wreath! I am German, English & Scottish...married to an I have learned over the yrs...always looking for the next good recipe...
    Summer at the beach is the best...Endless Summers!!
    Thanks for all your comments...they mean a lot...