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Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane: Summer Shifts, French Loveland, Gay Talese & Lilly Pulitzer

Hello! This writing is a stream of consciousness...I have a few Lilly Pulitzer (check out article in NYTimes) items, a cute pink sweater and a summer dress but I did not know there were so many Lilly Fans until I began blogging...starting at Beth Dunn's "Social Climber"...and on from there...Hopsy's Monograms & Manicures...Jess @ The Entertaining House...

I remember seeing a Lilly store in Key West...and maybe
even on Worth Ave years ago in West Palm?...

Now I see that there is a store in Stone Harbor, NJ...
will be going there soon! I love color so Lilly is for me!

I came across the above photo when I got some old slides
made into photos. This
was my fam in the late 60s at the home of French Loveland,
who was the
famous attorney from Ocean City.
(Don't you just love the Mom & Daughter matching shifts?)
French's wife was a distant relative on my Dad's side.
My Dad, Joel Mott, Jr. started his law career working for
Uncle French and then started his own law business.
Congressman Bill Hughes also worked for French.
French was a very sophisticated gentleman who had traveled
to Hawaii & Africa in the 60s...unheard of back then.
(At least in my little circle)

Well, Uncle French would have a BBQ every summer
& all the attorneys & their families were invited.
Oh how I loved going...He had a personal chef
doing the BBQing & a fountain waterfall in his back yard.
His home was arrayed with all his findings while
traveling. He had an antique chest that
he filled with brand new sparklingpennies and
he allowed the kids to reach in & grab as many pennies as we
could! It was so exciting for us to play that game.
All I remember from
Uncle French was that he had a wonderful laugh...
His grand daughter Debbie
was in my class & dated my hubby before he went out w me!

This is a pic of Uncle French w a family friend Mary Kassab
(after his wife's passing)& my brother Joel.
We got a Christmas gift every yr from Uncle French.
I still have a few things-
a replica of a Hawaiian outrigger canoe,(can't find)
a hand painted silk screening of cherry blossoms,
a real Ivory elephant, an African letter opener, salad servers
& porcelain flowers. below

French Loveland's house still stands down in the Gardens
in Ocean City. I must go by & take a pic of it.
It looked like a Swiss Chalet...The Gardens was also the
home of author Gay Talese, & his parents.
My parents were friendly with Gay's parents
& often went out to dinner with them.
My Dad played cards w Joe (Gay's father)
& my Mom helped Mrs. Talese throw a party every summer.
Gay still has a house on Atlantic Blvd near
my good friend's house, The Janssons, which was sold.
I remember playing tennis once when Gay was
there. I read Gay's last book & found it interesting how different his
parents were...
a lot of the book talks about restaurants as well, A Writer's Life...
I have his other books & must read them someday...
Unto the Sons is about his Italian heritage &
growing up in Ocean City, NJ. My hubby is Italian
(Palermo, his grandfather was a tailor as well)
& shares a similar heritage.

Well enough going down memory lane. Have a lovely weekend...

Since I was a hippie in High School ...
I don't know if you can be a Preppie Hippie now?

xoxox Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. This is such a fun post, love the pictures, thanks for sharing your memories with us!! XOXO Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks Trish...your blog is just lovely w all the cherry blossoms & Lilly!

  3. We need a Lilly in Ocean City. I'll get right on that-LOL

  4. Wow! What a great idea!! I never shop in OC...I really should...but the Mall,etc are so convenient. xoxon

  5. Great memories and neat old photos! I laughed at your preppy hippie comment.

    I looked up Sheldon Vanauken and I can't believe that I've not heard of him. He had a very interesting life. I'll have to look for one of his books in the library.

  6. Fun post...I love that writing style...I use it all the time...My daughter is a huge Lily fan...she dresses Miss B in matching floral dresses too.....stop by my blog I posted a picture from the Jersey shore that you might remember...aren't old memories just the best...

  7. What a lovely memory, love the pictures!

  8. Hi what a lovely picture! I have a lot of Lilly Pulitzer clothes. They are adorable. My style is always different from day to day but some days are just perfect for the bright vibrant fresh colors that Lilly is known for. We have a store in Bernardsville/morristown that carries a ton of lilly and I often go to Four Seasons in Vermont to pick up some dresses etc.
    You have a great way with words, your blog is wonderful!

  9. Always lovely to hear from you Bunny...keepin it stylish in NJ I'm sure...You are an inspiration!!

    Glad to know you Sue from GA & The Mrs from Hollywood! & Paula from VA...all place I have traveled to and LOVE!

    and Beth from my backyard at the JerseyShore! You crack me up!!!!xoxox

  10. glad to inspire! Catherine (Talese) went to Hewitt with me... was a grade below me. 6 (sort of) degrees of separation???