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Monday, July 11, 2011

We are at War with Yellow Jackets WE WON! more pics

A fire with lighter fluid worked. the nests were in the ground, filled with larva! PTL!

We are at War! Well we are at war with yellow jackets. Last week I was outside deadheading our perennials. I was pulling out the dead leaves from a day lily when a swarm of yellow jackets starting stinging me. I quickly ran away, but I had about 7 stings on my arm. I never knew yellow jackets could keep stinging you. It hurt for about 24 hours.

We have been squirting the nest with wasp killer but to no avail. So today we decided to try and dig up the nest that is in the ground under the lily. Well my husband starting digging and we found the nest but had to run back bc there were tons of yellow jackets. He got stung twice. (I told him to wear long pants).

Next plan of attack will be to remove the day lily at dark, and then pour lighter fluid on the nest and may even set it on fire. Do you have any other ideas to get rid of yellow jackets?

The scene of the crime!

Well have a lovely week…We are getting ready to spend the week with our 5 year old grandson! Hope to go flounder fishing, the beach & maybe setting up the tent?…Can’t wait!

Gearing up for Night in Venice Boat Parade on Saturday. Our theme will be “We Support the Troops.” I love Patriotic Parties! Also our daughter will be having a girl at the end of August…so soon I will be “on call” to help out! We had a great day yesterday with our dear friends. Went to the Ocean City Tabernacle, great message on…. Then pool party with ribs and all the fixins!

Hope your summer is going just great… Make today count!

Always ready for an adventure, Jennifer aka Gig

Addendum! We got them!


  1. So sorry to hear about the yellow jacket attack! Seven - how awful! Those are ones we don't mess with. Hope you're feeling better. Have fun at your event - love the summer activities. :)

  2. well we got the yellow jackets...our grandson Mather helped with the fire...the nest was in the dirt with tons of larva! All gone now! and no one was stung!

  3. Hi Jennifer...thank you so much for your lovely comment and for remembering my blog after all this time that I have been away....Alot has happened since February including us spending way too much time in Jersey with bad pot hole roads and weird people...let's also mention the $35. bill to dry clean 4 items of clothing....LOL...We bought a house in Georgia and will move in on Aug. 5th....fabulous house with even better taxes!!....We do a post on it soon....
    We also have those yellow jacket nests on our front porch behind this lovely vintage window that I have painted like the American flag...I always have the Boss go after them with a spray..they always come back....
    Congratulations on the new grand babies on the way.....and a little girl!! They are the much fun buying all wonderful little clothes....Great hearing from you and I am so happy to be back blogging and having some time again to get back to visiting all my favorite blogs.....Hugs, Sue.

  4. I hope the yellow jackets are may want to get an exterminator if you cant get them...enjoy Miss B!

  5. The yellow jackets are worth that beautiful garden...well, almost! Those flowers are just gorgeous! We had bees one year that chased me down our hill throwing clothes off as I ran while they were stinging me! Lots of welts. I just heard a new remedy...taping a penny on them for 15 min, -the copper "neutralizes" them.
    So you are having a baby named Emma born this summer?? If she is anything like ours, you have a treasure!! Have fun this week with your other "grand"'s such special time, Jennifer!!!

  6. one of the challenges of gardening Donna!