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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love a Parade, a Boat Parade! Night in Venice

Night in Venice is our annual Boat Parade in Ocean City, NJ. The homes on the water decorate and have parties and boats are decorated with different themes.

This is more typical!
or this!

My talented niece and friend.

My parents live on the water so we always throw a fun party. Here are pics from this year. The weather is always great on Night in Venice!

Time to Say Goodbye to the Space Shuttle. Isn't that amazing?

This year our theme was "We Support the Troops."


  1. That looks like such a fun event! And, the weather looks so inviting - you can tell there's a breeze, as opposed to what we're having here. Glad you and your family enjoyed it!

  2. yes the flag shows the nice breeze at the shore...this heat has been difficult...but i still love the summer! Party on!