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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mushrooms anyone?

Mushrooms anyone?

Do you have mushrooms growing in your grass when it is rainy and shady? I do!
These are some of the mushrooms I picked from my yard last yr.

I have never seen so many types!
What kind of mushrooms do you have?
I have never eaten any of the ones in my yard because I hear some are poisonous!

Mushrooms are grown in Kennett Square PA near the Amish Country.
I loved sauteed mushrooms with steak.

Do you have any good Mushroom Recipes?
Please pass them on.... Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. I live in New Mexico. All we have is tumble weeds, cactus, and rocks in our yard.

  2. They do look good, but you are have to know what you are doing! Poisonous mushrooms are your kidneys etc.
    But just sauteeing mushrooms that you know are good, is great!!!