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Friday, July 16, 2010

Have you Seen Any of These Pictures of the Oil Spill?

I grew up by the ocean at the Jersey Shore! I love the water, the beach, the sun...
These pictures are from the Gulf Coast from the Blog Bumpkin on a Swing. Her husband is a Captain and has been working to help clean up the oil spill. They have a lot of good information on their blog. He has a separate link to his posts.

Please pray for the clean up and all the people who have been effected economically.
Please pray that they can cap the well.
Continue to buy gas at BP because they are small business owners who are not at fault for the spill. It BP goes bankrupt their obligations will not be met.
Consider a vacation to the Gulf.
We at the Jersey Shore stand with you. As we enjoy the beautiful ocean, let's not forget those who are suffering.

Thanks! Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. What a sad mess! Thanks for a good post reminding us to care...and to be thankful for what we have!!

  2. yes Donna that is exactly why i posted it. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Thanks for the comment! You're so lucky you live in New Jersey, iv'e always wanted to go and especially to Atlantic City! Those pictures are so devistating, it makes me so sad everytime I see them and it's amazing how little control we have over such a big situation. But it's good that we are doing as much as we can.

  4. Why isn't the media showing pictures like this...the whole country needs to see how terrible this realy is...Loving the beautiful beaches in New Jersey it makes you sad to see the beautiful beaches of the Gulf in this condition....

  5. Welcome back to blogging Moonlight! You'll have to come to the east coast! although Napa sounds lovely....Yes Sue, we know how beautiful our beaches in nj heart breaks for the gulf region!