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Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Reading: "Oprah A Biography" by Kitty Kelley

Can We Talk? I just finished a great summer read "Oprah A Biography" by Kitty Kelley.

The book may be controversial but it was really eye opening! Everything Kelley reports is either in Oprah's own words or 'on the record' sources.

Fascinating...A Must Read...Takes Off the Mask!

Her childhood...her child...her affair with a married truth about Stedman...and Gayle... You must read it!

Why does she make her employees sign a confidentiality agreement? Why does she have to silence her employees? All her maids are white...I was really disappointed with Oprah when she endorsed Barack Obama and would not have McCain on. She also has left her Christian roots.

Also Kitty must do a story on Dick Clarke....another person no one will touch. Last year we saw a documentary on Dick Clarke when Gidget was in LBI...for her film...tells how he made money off of all the new artists and took a cut of their records...many are now poor and we know where Dick lives...Malibu!

"Oprah A Biography" by Kitty Kelley

Have a blast this 4th of in my next blog!
Cheers! Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. I found information on that book fascinating! Glad you enjoyed the read. xoxo

  2. Hey Beth, Your mention in Philly Mag was great! Everyone check it out!...July Issue...