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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheers! Gidget and the Ronettes!

This is my dear friend, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, the "Real" Gidget! her dad wrote the story of her life as one of the first female Malibu Surfers. The story was turned into the Film w Sandra Dee and the TV show Gidget w Sally Field.
We have fun when she comes to Ocean City, NJ for the Surf Festival. Last time I took her around and showed her the Jersey Shore!
She got back on a surf board at 60! Way to go Kathy!
You are an inspiration. Never let the dream die!
Love, Jennifer aka Gigi

Here are some pics when she talked about the Documentary "The Accidental Icon: Gidget"

Gidget & my hubby!

Here I am below @ some of my favorite Happy Hours!

Our Italian Teacher. Caio!

Below are pics of my dear friends Nedra Tally Ross and Scott Ross with their daughter Heather.Nedra was in the 60s group The Ronettes. A few yrs ago they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
They used to live at the Jersey Shore back in the 80s. they now live in VA & Scott works at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Miss you guys!

Nedra recently performed in Wildwood with a Ronettes retrosepective!

"Be My Baby"


  1. Hi Jennifer! What a great story about the "real" Gidget, and the Ronettes too, how awesome! Love all the shots of your Happy Hours too - hope you get to enjoy a cold tasty beverage this weekend! :)

  2. Yes a cold drink sounds good about now!!!I'm ready for happy hour!

    I am lucky to have these ladies for friends!
    Scott & Nedra lived w us for a summer with their 4 kids!!

  3. Jennifer, that is truly a great story. The pictures are wonderful too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks Kat,

    Sally Field as Gidget was my wonderful memory of Gidget.Watched every week as a teen! She always talked in the first person about her life. Kathy told me she had such a great relationship w her Dad that she told him all about the boys etc...He was a Hollywood Screenwriter.

    I asked her who she listened to...Beach Boys?She said no, I was before the Beach Boys! Elvis! & she used to listen to Jan & Dean perform in a garage! She is so cool!