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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jersey Shore Summer

Welcome to my garden...

We've had nice warm weather at the Jersey Shore! The flowers are in bloom, the pool temp is about 84 and the grandkids are here for a week! Hope everyone is having a great June! What are your summer plans? Ocean? Lake? Mountains? Camping? Sailing?

Our air conditioning business is in full swing so no vacation plans for us...Isn't air conditioning awesome...especially on humid days!

Here are some of the flowers from our back yard...Enjoy! Jennifer aka Gigi

PS We had a Spiderman Birthday Party last night for Matt who will be 4! Will post pics later....


  1. My two oldest children were born in Jersey and I spent my summers in Cape May...lovely town!
    thanks for your visit...
    If you would go back into my blog and read my new post... we may have a STALKER in blogland.. beware!

  2. Cape May is one of my favorite towns! Hope to get back to Clearwater!

  3. I love your pics!
    The yellow flowers on my post may be Evening Primrose. And yes they do spread! I bought them as St John's Wort, but in research they look like EP.
    Yes, I grew up on Long Island, and still live here...a block from the beach in Southampton.
    Living near water is very impt to me!