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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Poems by Jennifer Mott Palermo

In the Beginning…Mother

You have always been there

From the day I was born

You were there the first day I saw sunshine

You taught me to look at the world as a safe place

You held me when I cried

Cared for me when I was sick

Loved me when I was a rebel

You taught me a kind word turns away wrath

You taught me to love what I do and work hard

You taught me faith in God

And the importance of family and not things.

In a day when people don’t have faith

And don’t love

And don’t feel safe

I do

Thanks to you. (1997)

Days of Higher Learning

Sweeping out the sand from the wood floors

In her quiet, empty bedroom

I realize that summer is over once again.

She packs up her life and her smile

And leaves to explore a world not yet known

Autumn will come with its cool nights

And her memories will fill the air

With sad tears of yesteryear.

Her long hairs lying on the bathroom floor will soon be gone.

Her quiet, empty bedroom remains

To remind us that something is calling her onward

To greater heights

And we cannot go with her

And sadly we remain. (1995)

My Son

You are so much like me.

Your ability to lead

Your need to be liked

Your stubbornness

Your drive to fight hypocrisy

You are so much like me.

Your strong will

Your need to be different

Your handsome smile

Your desire to help people

Your drive to live by principles

Even though our wills often clash

And I struggle to let you go.

I am so proud of you. (1996)

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