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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Henry Francis du Pont

Magnificent Winterthur Open Free for One Day

We spent Saturday, Jan.23 at Winterthur, the Henry Francis du Pont Mansion in Delaware as part of the Brandywine Treasures where 9 attractions are open to the public for free . It was a beautiful but chilly day and the place was packed at about 12:30 pm when we arrived at Winterthur. This is a wonderful way to get folks out to visit these places in the dead of winter and hopefully expose young and old to the arts who might never get a chance. Normally $20 Admission and $10 children. Winterthur will be closed for the month of February.

Also check out the Brandywine valley outside of Wilmington, Delaware which is about 1 ½ hours from the Jersey Shore.

Many garden groups take bus trips to Winterthur and I was excited I was going to get to see the home of DuPont that was turned into a museum in 1951. There was a long wait in line of about 1 ½ hours and after our tour started on the 5th floor, the 1 year old baby was too fussy and tired. Our grandchildren went over to the Enchanted Garden to look for fairies and trolls. Our son in law was so gracious to play with them while we went on the tour!

There also is a large Gallery that you can walk thru displaying many early Americana artifacts and 2 great gift shops.

Our tour guide said we were able to take photos. On my previous blog I show some of the mantles and the Paul Revere tankards! How cool!

John Trumbull's renowned painting of President George Washington with his

horse at Verplanck's Point.

Needlepoint of Mourners of President George Washington 

Beautiful chair!

How peaceful to have a harp waiting for someone to play!

Portrait of the Edward Lloyd family by Charles Wilson Peale.

The Conservatory -Lunch below

the staircase he built as a surprise for his wife. We were on the fifth floor and look how high it goes up! Check the before picture how the staircase was on the outside wall.

This room was very large. George Washington portrait over the mantel, to the far right. See the beautiful handpainted Japanese wallpaper with no repeats. Shipped from Japan!

Benjamin West's important unfinished painting
American Commissioners of the Preliminary Peace Negotiations with Great
Britain including Benjamin Franklin.

How'd you like to blog at this desk?

Exquisite ! Come for tea!

Portrait of George Washington

A covered bridge on our way home!


  1. thanks for stopping by Farmhouse..

    love american history and loved to see all of this..and not to mention..the covered bridge...

  2. hiya! A great tribute to our great 1st President. I love Am Hist too! and I agree covered bridges are fab! There are lots of them in Lancaster County (Amish) PA, awesome farm coutry if you ever get there...I see your bridge pics from VT!

    I see that San Luis Obispo is near Malibu. My dear friend, Gidget (Kathy Kohner Zuckerman) is from Pac Palisades, but works are Duke's in Malibu as a hostess and celeb!Her Dad wrote the story of her life...

    from a snowy North East! Jennifer