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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mantel Party Every Friday

Mantel Party Every Friday

Recently we visited Winterthur, the country Estate of Henry Francis du Pont, in the heart of the Brandywine Valley, in Delaware.Our tour was on the fifth floor of this huge estate. We saw many mantles and I hope you enjoy them! More pictures tomorrow of the estate!

Jennifer aka Gigi

Mantle from Winterthur Mansion, Delaware. Sure would like a portrait of George Washington for my mantle.

Sideboard - Six silver tankards made by Boston silversmith Paul Revere in 1772

Beautiful blue tile fireplace from Holland, crystal candle sticks, and another Washington portrait.

The French influence. Beautiful French clock.

Another French inspired mantel.

Check out the Mantel Party @

Henry Francis Dupont lived from 1880 - 1969 . The museum is closed the month of Feb.
"My purpose in leaving Winterthur as a Museum to the public is to afford
all those interested an opportunity to view and to study the conditions
surrounding the early American home life."-- Letters and Notes to
Executors and Winterthur Directors
"It seemed to me that early American arts and crafts had not been given
the recognition they deserved.... I hoped, therefore, that, by preserving
under one roof examples of architecture, furniture, and widely divergent
early American materials of all kinds, interest in this field would be
stimulated and that the magnificent contribution of our past would be
helped to come into its own."


  1. What a fantastic collection of mantels! Thank you for linking up and sharing them with us :).

  2. glad you like them! Back when they used fireplacs to heat each room!

  3. Thanks sooooo much for the tour...I had a blast drooling:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. WOW Thanks for taking us on the tour!

  5. Glad you enjoyed the tour! I can'timagine what the other floors look like! I must go back!

  6. How absolutely stunning! I love American history and know I would love a visit... Lucky you!

    I do not have the privilege of knowing your sweet friend who lives in Aiken. She might not know my husband, but I'm sure she knows Tea Garden Gifts. He is co-owner (always in the back doing the financial business!). Ask her! Oh, and what fun if you could come for a visit!

  7. Hi Bev, I'll check w my friend. She lives in Cedar Creek and they moved down from our area a few yrs ago.(semi retired)Bob is a college English Prof. probably at the Community College?...and Val was a librarian.

    the gift shop sounds lovely! We do have plans to visit them some time...We met them in Savannah a few yrs ago...very sweet people.

    Have a sunny day! Jennifer