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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's is for lovers

I love you, my Valentine! Be Mine!

I love Valentine’s Day! A whole day devoted to love! I am a true romantic & try to celebrate love all year round, but I always try to make Valentine’s Day special, even when we don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Here are some ideas. We have always bought each other Valentine’s cards and I have collected them over the years…it’s neat to look back and see what we wrote each other. We take time to really find a card that expresses something special. My hubby won’t get in the door without a card!

I love flowers. This year I have asked not to have flowers because our money has been tight. Instead I have some pictures of my favs below. Enjoy!

I always buy candy hearts, chocolates & cinnamon candies to decorate.

Why not try your hand at writing a poem to express how you feel? Or read one of your favorite poems to each other?

Or print out a romantic picture of the 2 of you in an inexpensive frame.

Maybe a trip to the jewelry with your significant other…to pick out something you like. (If it’s in your budget of course)

A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant without the kids is always perfect. If not doable, plan a candlelit dinner after the kids go to bed and make a classic favorite meal and something yummy for dessert. And don’t forget soft music or something you both enjoy! And remember it’s not about the food. It’s about how you talk to each other- look in his eyes and really listen…

A negligee or cute outfit can be fun too! Victoria's Secret below:

Well whatever you do make the day special and if the 14th doesn’t work out, pick another night to celebrate!

So start planning ladies. We set the mood in our homes. Some perfume, makeup and a pretty dress helps too!

“Je t'aimerai toujours.” “ I will love you forever!” Celebrating 36 years! Chin! Chin!

Tell me what you like to do for Valentine's Day or a funny story about why your Valentine is Special...

xoxoxo Jennifer aka Gigi

Shower the people you love with love-a neighbor, your parents, a friend, your grandchildren....

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