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Monday, October 19, 2009

some cool websites hungry-girl and gwyneth!

Well it's Monday...Had a blast hosting a Birthday Party for my Mom last night with the fam. Baked ziti is my "go to meal" and can feed an army. Also made our traditional white cake with fluffy icing and coconut! Fun talking to my neice about playing on the tennis team, brought back memories of my high scool days...

Do you know about I saw her on Rachael Ray. She has tremendous tips on products that are figure friendly and great recipes. She is so popular, products now use her Hungry Girl seal of approval.

I also enjoy getting emails from Gwyneth Paltrow...How cool is that! I adore her website w recipes, fashion, restaurant tips, travel, (I am not into Kabbalah religion) but it is still a cool site.

After 4 days of rain I am looking forward to seeing the sun! Get outside and enjoy the sunshine. You're getting your Vitamin D right?

Saw my buddies on Dinner Impossible (Chef Irvine and George) miss going to the gym where I see George...havent decided if I should switch gyms...? Need to burn some calories!

Have a blessed week...Jennifer


  1. Love another shore blogging friend! So glad I found you. Your weekend sounds delightful! xoxo


  2. Hi Beth, thanks for checking in. Your book is a fun read on Social Climbers! Check out her blog and book, Social Climbers How to Climb the Main Line!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Cheers! Jennifer