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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whale washed ashore at the Jersey Shore

A whale washed up on the beach in Ocean City, NJ yesterday Jan. 23, 2011. They say the whale had been dead for a while. Hundreds of people went down to see it. You could smell the fish smell a block away. It will be interesting to see how they remove it from the beach today.

My daughter has gone whale watching in Hawaii and seen live whales jump and splash in the open ocean. Some day I hope to see that too. It was so sad to see this whale at the end of its life. Hopefully it had a great life! Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. Oh my goodness! You don't see that everyday.

  2. It was so sad to see the whale cut in pieces.

  3. the poor thing it's huge.....let us know how they go about removing it...

  4. I have some updated pics I will post later this week!