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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Think Snow

Although I love the warm weather, snow makes for a beautiful day. It has been a fairly warm winter so far. I hope we do get some snow this winter. It would be fun to go skiing in a Winter Wonderland. I'm dreaming of sitting by the fire and sipping some hot chocolate with the ones I love.
Do you go skiing with your family?
What is your favorite Ski Resort?

Think Snow!

thanks Pinterest


  1. daughter reported that snow is coming your is beautiful to see but it's going to be in the 70's here next week...I think I prefer warm to freezing cold....Now come back in April when we are covered in pollen and in August when we'll be at 100 degrees plus and see if I feel the same way.....Hope your year is off to a good start....Enjoy the snow!!

  2. snowed, then turned to rain at the shore...spring in the south is beautiful. Check out the atlanta botanical garden sometime!Looks like skiers are happy!

  3. Lovely images. We have new snow this morning! Smooches and hugs and wishes for a lovely day!

  4. Ours turned to rain at the Jersey Shore. Still waiting for our first snow. Hope it's not a day I have to drive! :) enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Have fun's beautiful in the snow, but I think being in the warm sun about now could be great too!!

  6. it is so mild here i feel like winter hasnt come yet...a few days on the slopes and I'll be ready for Florida