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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October!

Time to get out the fall clothes and put away the summer ones. The cooler temps feel great. Here are some of my new purchases. Calvin Klein above. Looking forward to the fall leaves. We are riding our bikes on the boardwalk tomorrow. We had fun at the Oktober Fest in Smithville and then German food, brats, Wiener Schnitzel and sauerbraten, red cabbbage, spaetzel, German potato salad and sauer kraut with some Sam Adams Oktoberfest at Gregory's for dinner. Hope you can get out for some fall fun! Time for some pumpkin lattes and ginger snaps too! Jennifer aka Gigi
Micahel Kors suede pocketbook

A friend's daughter works for Betsey Johnson. The staff was a part of Fashion Week in NY.
Doesn't Mary look great?


  1. And I am in reverse, I have just put away all my winter clothes and out with the summer, must say I much prefer winter, although it is nice to see everything green again, not the grey of the highveld winter.

  2. nice to think of you on the African Continent...and getting ready for summer...I love the warm weather...but the fall leaves & new snow are pretty too. Enjoy flowers too!
    Did I ever tell you David Livingstone is a distant relative.Enjoy your family...been busy here!

  3. Hi Jennifer....great the argyle sweater....Fall is my favorite season for clothes....I cannot wait to get out my riding boots....I wear them with everything.....