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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Class Reunion OCHS

Recently Ocean City High School had a Red and White class Reunion for all classes.

We attended the football game and sat with our classmates, (left) Kathy, Joanne, Mike, me, Brenda and Carol. My husband and I were in the same class and starting dating at 16... and they said it would never last!

A thunder storm ended the game early so we all headed over to have drinks at a local restaurant.

Owner of our local hardware store and my friend Kathy, we were Girl Scouts together.

Reminiscing with friends.
Catching up with our friend who has a PhD in Physics,taught at Georgetown, tracked Soviet Subs, is a keyboard player and all round interesting guy. We did an experiment in 6th grade with a hydrochloric acid fire extinguisher that kinda blew up and put holes in their shirts. Glad it wasn't worse! Always make a great story!

Still hanging with my best friend. Many waters can not quench love.
Jennifer aka Gigi

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