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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Tartan Day

My great great great grandfather Thomas Jamieson & wife -attended Edinburgh U.

My great great grandfather David and g g grandmother Mary Jamieson

The family in Gloucester NJ around 1900.

Cheers and Slainte to all the Scots out there and all who wish they were Scots!

A toast to all the Jamieson and Livingstone families and my distant cousins.

My ancestors Thomas and David Jamieson knew everything about making tartans from the sheep to the dyes. I dream of visiting Scotland someday...have you been there? My relatives are from Oban area,(Kilbride) and also lived in Glasgow and Edinburgh...and came to America in 1876.

check out and check out great blogs about Tartan Day!

Cheers to you all! Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. You are so lucky to have these old family photos. Aren't they fascinating?

  2. glad you like them Paula...Scots are known for saving everything!

  3. Tartan Day should be a new day I learn to celebrate...I'm mad for plaid!!
    You ancestors are to be celebrated if nothing else. I have a few old family photos too, aren't they just a special piece of our heritage??