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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lights Camera Action The Glenn Beck Program

Friday, Feb. 11- Manhattan, NY- We just returned from a great trip to New York City which included a visit to the Glenn Beck Program It will air tonight, Fri. Feb. 11 at 5 pm & 2 am Sat morning (DVR). My husband and I were in the audience for a discussion on the problems in the Egypt & the Middle East & the implications with 2 experts on The Twelfth Imam and a non-violent Muslim who doesn’t support Sharia Law. We were treated very nicely. They offered us turkey wraps, subs and coffee before the show. Glenn has a great staff & he is fighting to keep America informed.

We stayed at the Helmsley Park Lane with gorgeous views of Central Park (the view from our room)and took the Upper Loop Bus Tour. We saw where our blogger friend Jessica Ryan from the Entertaining House lived on 5th Ave. I’ll show more pics in a later post from our trip.

Happy Valentine’s to you all….and God Bless Our Great Country!

Jennifer aka Gigi


  1. Jennifer...that sounds like a fantastic trip! I bet the Glenn Beck show was an interesting experience! Your room view was top of the town! Great pics!

  2. You look very chic in the big NYC - must get there again someday. :) Love the shot of Central Park - glad you had a great time!

  3. Well the show was preempted by a live show on the stepping down of Mubarack in Egypt. I dont know it they will show it was a discussion on the implications in the Middle East.