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Friday, August 6, 2010

The thrill of a lifetime to hear Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly, Jennifer Mott Palermo, Glenn Beck in Atlantic City, NJ 8-5-10

Glenn laying down for therapy from Bill!

For me it was the thrill of a lifetime to hear Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly speak “live” in Atlantic City and to get to meet them. (for like 22 seconds!) I was with 2 patriots. We will take America back!

Glenn Beck is my hero. He is so well informed and dares to speak out! Bill O’Reilly plays it in the middle and his analysis of where Obama has gone wrong was right on! 86% say the country is going in the WRONG Direction!

My ancestor John Mott served in the Am Revolution. Many of my ancestors founded this country, Henry Falkinburg, Penelope Stout, Rev John Throckmorton, the Allens, Lucretia & James Mott. "We have just begun to fight." It is more a spiritual battle & misinformation...set the record straight.

Glenn debated OReilly good last night!! He had his facts on all Obama's socialist friends and advisers. The lady next to me was not a fan of Beck...but she listened very intently...and I could tell she was very moved!! Glenn is the best preacher in our nation! This lady never heard him, only what others said of him!

Glenn is asking people to come to DC on 8/28 to pray for revival. check out his website Glenn Beck

Peace...have a great weekend! Jennifer aka Gigi (The grandkids are coming for a Big Birthday Celebration!)


  1. Wow, I bet that was quite the event to attend! How cool that you got a photo with them. Hubby listens to both gentlemen (I do sometimes, but more often than not, Curious George or Elmo is on the TV when I'm around) and my parents are big fans. Enjoy the birthday weekend with the grandkids!

  2. Their talk was great and an even better treat to get to say a quick hello...
    when the grandkids are here Elmo, Curious George or Einstein are on...we recently watched all the Shirley temples too!