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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Mad Men" is Back!

Did you know the fifth season of "Mad Men" will start this Sunday night at 9 pm EST on AMC?
Reports are there will be one more season after this one and that we may get a happy ending!
Matt Weiner series creator said, "there is a very clear, very beautiful ending for this story, and I look forward to telling that story and arriving at that ending."
I hope Betty and Don get back together. Do you?
Growing up in the 60s, I love being taken back to that time. My parents were young professionals, an attorney and a housewife & lab technician and I feel like I am reliving my childhood in many ways. My brother in law is a present day Ad Man, minus the philandering! I enjoy the story line of advertising and marketing products.
So who is your favorite character?
Mine is Betty Draper.
Her fashion sense and style inspire me.
Let's get out our Martinis and Manhattans ready and toast to "Mad Men".
Set your DVR. Enjoy these great pics all courtesy of Pinterest!

Toast to the 60s!
Jennifer aka Gigi

PS-Smoking is not cool!


  1. Oh, Jennifer...I so agree! It ranks among my fav all time TV shows so I'm excited to see it back!! I love ALL the characters and yes, Betty is up there...with Don! I can see me with a Martini glass Sunday night in front of the TV swooning!!

  2. Can't wait Donna...I'll be thinking of you Sunday...Don is charming. Hope they get back together! Jen