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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Searching for your roots- Dr Livingstone I presume?

My ancestors the Livingston's were from Kilbride near Oban, Scotland

The Kilbride Church yard and cemetery, Scotland

My great great grandfather David Jamieson was married to Mary Livingston whose mother’s cousin was David Livingstone the missionary explorer who traveled to Africa and named Victoria Falls. Remember Dr. Livingstone I presume? Mary’s mother was Flora Livingston who married a relative Archibald Livingston. (I know!) Flora’s father was John Livingston. I have a Bible that was given to Mary Livingston from her grandfather John Livingston, 1850 Arigoan Farm.

The Psalms of David from John Livingston to Mary Livingston 1850

The farm is still there in Arigoan and so is the Livingston Cemetery.

The Livingston Headstone and the Arigoan Farm in Scotland

My Aunt Flora told me stories of how David Livingstone’s father was a tea merchant and when he would visit my relatives in Scotland he would read letters from David the missionary.

David Livingstone and family

Wool tassels that my ancestor made were used to barter to free slave girls in Africa. My aunt said she remembers seeing some of the tassels. As a teenager I had many wool skirts with beautiful plaids and one long grey skirt that were handed down. How I wish I still had those skirts. I don’t know what happened to them.

David and Mary Jamieson came to America and settled in Gloucester, NJ. They had 7 children.

The Jamieson Sisters and Archie at the beach!

My great grandmother Flora Livingston Jamieson married Dr. John Beek.

My great grandfather Dr. Beek's home and office
Gloucester,N J

(When I did my research I called the Livingstone museum in Glasgow and they told me it was common for the e to be dropped. When I told them about the Bible I had she commented my ancestors were very intelligent to be able to read and write at that time.)
more to follow...

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  1. Such a gorgeous area and so much rich family history! Scotland is such a mystical place!! It's lucky you can trace your ancestory back there. Have fun with this adventure!!

  2. Can you believe....I got an email from a distant relative I have never met but know the family connection...and she found me while searching for info on david livingstone and the family names! How amazing that I wrote this blog the same time she was searching!

    My great grandmother and her great grandfather were brother and sister! She is from Illinois!